Infinity symbol tattoos

Infinity symbol tattoos

Infinity always exists, because whatever number you choose there is always a bigger one.

The infinity symbol tattoo belongs to those images, that are called simple and ingenious. This is so because on the one hand it is a simple mathematical symbol, and from the other it bears deep symbolic and even magical meaning.

The infinity symbols mean the eternity of being, variety  and inability to understand this world. Infinity symbol tattoos bear great meaning from the persons of science, who know much and understand the symbolic meaning of this simple at the first glance symbol. Often with the use of infinity tattoo design a man can reveal his striving for everything perfect and ideal.

Only few people know that the creation of the infinity sign is no at all mathematic – it was used much earlier in Tibet gravures on the rocks. It was depicted as the image of snake that bites its tail. According to the legend this snake named Uroboros, tried to eat himself, but constantly grew with the time passing and could not do this, and this continued for eternity. That is why it began to mean the beginning and the end and their connection in the cycles.

The infinity symbol tattoo meaning in dual tattoos reveals the striving of lovers to be together forever and at the same time is known as the symbol of loyalty to each other.

Also the infinity symbol tattoo design can depict the longing to live without borders, because the sign of infinity itself was created as symbol, pointing on inability to show borders, numeric or quantity measures. For people who are sure in themselves, the meaning of infinity symbol tattoo is considered to be the constant growth, development and movement forward. In theology the sign of eternity reveals inability to understand God and no bounds. In philosophy the infinity symbol is connected with inability to measure space and time and also reveals infinity of nature and its creations.

Most of all the small infinity symbol tattoos are applied by males and females on their wrists. It can depict also eternal love and solemnity, be the reminder of everything passed and the

Reason to think about current things, because our earthly life is far from being infinite and sooner or later it will com—É to an end.
In general, if you want to apply the unusual tattoo bearing a deep meaning, you can choose infinity symbol tattoo designs.

Original and stylish young people often choose the eternity symbol tattoo. It is connected with the fact that the simple mathematic symbol can at the same time mean different things… eternal love, solemnity, memory and so on. Everything genial is simple and sometimes with a small sign can be revealed very much and a small symbol can cause deep thought. The infinity symbol tattoo tells us about the fact that there are no limits to the space and time, to the borders of existence. If you really want to pass the vast meaning to the tattoo, you can choose from one of various designs of the infinity symbol tattoo designs. Such tattoo designs bear the source of world creation in them. Every experienced tattoo artist will be able to offer you rather different infinity symbol tattoo designs and help you choose one up to your likings. Infinity symbol tattoo designs always look great and will bring additional beauty to your body.